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Cut Male’s Hair Short layer
Scissor Clipper Over Comb haircutting Tool

Cut Women’s Short Hair Layer Haircut
Scissor Over Comb Hair-Cutting tool

Cut Male’s Hair Short Layer Undercut
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Men’s Layer Undercut Hair Tutorial
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Female’s Hair A-Line, Undercut Bob
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Boy’s & Kids’ Hair Haircut Tutorial
CombPal, New Super Easy Haircutting Tool


  • Attach the guide (see picture 1).
  • Comb up the hair, ensuring the guide sits straight up from the scalp (picture 2). For longer hair, pick
    ​ up the hair with your other hand first (picture 3).
  • Texture cuts – scissor point cuts (picture 4).
  • For angle control, move the guide backward or forward and angle the comb (pictures 5 to 8).
  • Blend different lengths together (picture 9).

Here are instructions for 6 popular haircuts. Do excellent haircuts in only 10 minutes’ time!

  • Tip for blending different lengths:
  • Using the curve of the head shape, move the comb straight up until it runs out of length to cut (see picture A).
  • *u – undercut means cutting the lower section shorter than the upper section and letting the longer hair fall over the shorter hair (see pictures B, C, D and E).

How to Use Combpal Jumbo Guide

Untitled 1
  • Pick up tha hair with your other hand.
Untitled 2
  • Place the comb through the hair ensuring the guide sits straight up from the scalp.
Untitled 3
  • Let the hair fall on top of the comb and cut it with scissors or a clipper.

If you have fine or curly hairs, here are some tips for cutting.

  • 1. Apply some firming gel or mousse to the wet hair evenly and blow-dry it straight.
  • 2. When cutting the hair, try cross checking or repeat cutting the same area with the same guide for a couple of times to make sure you cut all the hairs.


If you want to better your hair-cutting skills, then CombPal is perfect for you. However, to ensure you achieve great results, we have put together some tips, instructions, and an in-depth hair cutting tutorial for you. Look through our videos, instructions, and guides above to know how to best use this versatile and multi-use tool.

CombPal is perfect for all hair types, including people with short, long, thin, or thick hair. Additionally, its versatility allows it to be useful for both professionals and DIYers alike. You can say goodbye to clippers and freehand cutting with CombPal. Whether you want to trim bangs or split ends, the CombPal has adjustable angles and lengths to accommodate any person’s hair, including wet hair.

If you need a guide on how to cut short hair for beginners, then CombPal is the place to find it. We know that cutting hair is a process, but you can achieve the looks you and your customers want easily and quickly with CombPal.

If you have any questions about our product or the information on this page, please call us at 604-807-3028. We are happy to go over anything you want to know. Start cutting hair better today!